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'Halasu' book released  

The book on jackfruit in Kannada titled 'Alakshita Kalpavruksha Halasu Bhavishyada Bele' by veteran journalist Shree Padre was released on Novermber 20, 2016. The event also marked the closing ceremony of the first-ever WhatsApp Farm Journalism Workshop organised by Adike Patrike. Dr. S V Hittalamani, veteran horticulture scientist released the book. Manchi Shrinivas Achar, president, Farmer First Trust presided over the function. Venkateshwara Amai released the cards with messages about the significance of jackfruit. While Shree Padre spoke about using modern technology in reporting on farm-related issues, Shivaram Pailoor discussed the significance of the jackfruit campaign led by Adike Patrike.

The event was organised at Vivekananda English Medium School, Tenkila, Puttur, Karnataka. Thouse who want to purchase the book can contact on 9448354177 (SMS/WhatApp) or at

Farm-rural-development journalism training programme commences


This year's Farm-Rural-Development training programme began on December 12 with an inaugural voice message by veteran journalist Shree Padre on WhatsApp. Apart from 28 candidates and over 50 resource persons, dignitaries from various media sectors participated at the unique event that unveiled on WhatsApp. For the first time, perhaps, such a session was organised using WhatsApp as the platform. But that didn't hinder the enthusiasm and involvement of the participants, who ensured that the programme had the effect of a live session.

Registered candidates will be given training on various aspects of writing – from field visit to information collection, writing skills and photography.

In tune with the present requirements, the training programme stresses on the use of WhatsApp and Email and will be completely paperless. The objective of the programme is to train and mentor journalists who have genuine interest in farm, rural and and environment issues. Successful candidates will be considered as CAM Fellows.

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Treading the sustainable path


The United Nations has underlined the vital role of family farming in feeding the world and caring for the earth by declaring 2014 as year of family farming. Syed Ghani Khan and Syeda Firdouse’s family in Malavalli Taluk is a substantial model of Indian farming scenario which of course is changing in the recent past.

Ghani Khan family’s efforts in bio-diverse and eco-friendly farming has been documented by journalist Anandteertha Pyati and published by Centre for Agricultural Media. The book is the nineteenth in the series by CAM to focus on positive efforts in the farming sector. The book was released on March 31, 2014 at Nagathihalli in Mandya district. 

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Proactive Society is the need of the hour


‘We are stumbled upon by four major disasters – Farmers’ suicides, migration to urban areas, threat by foreign private companies and global warming. Sensible writers who could examine and disseminate information about the impact of these dangers and a proactive society are the need of the hour’ said veteran journalist and writer Nagesh Hegde. He was addressing the gathering at the book release ceremony organized by the Centre for Agricultural Media at the Veterinary Sciences College, Hebbal, Bangalore on 13.1.2013. Two books titled ‘Susthira Krushige Hatharu Hadi’ and ‘Dairy Doctor, Hori Master’ were released on the occasion.

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Focus on the process of development


Writers and development volunteers should concentrate on the process of development as they with its impact’ said Development activist Dr. Prakash Bhat. He was addressing the gathering on the  occasion of Centre for Agricultural Media’s 12th anniversary held at ‘Sumana Sangama’ near Dharwad, Karnataka. ‘Agriculture is facing a great crisis. Writers should understand the situation of the farmers to give justice to their write-ups. Writers should give equal prominence to agricultural practices and also experiences of farmers’ he added.

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  Bridge the gap between farmer and society

Development activist and thinker G.S. Jayadev regretted that man is losing his sense in wake of globalisation and liberalisation. This has led to fluctuations in the field of education, agriculture and environment. He was addressing the gathering after giving away state level farm journalism awards at the 11th year celebrations of the Centre for Agricultural Media(CAM) held at Sumana Sangama Kadutota in Daddikamalapur near Dharwad on 13th November 2011.
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