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Proactive Society is the need of the hour

'We are stumbled upon by four major disasters – Farmers’ suicides, migration to urban areas, threat by foreign private companies and global warming. Sensible writers who could examine and disseminate information about the impact of these dangers and a proactive society are the need of the hour’ said veteran journalist and writer Nagesh Hegde. He was addressing the gathering at the book release ceremony organized by the Centre for Agricultural Media at the Veterinary Sciences College, Hebbal, Bangalore on 13.1.2013. Two books titled ‘Susthira Krushige Hatharu Hadi’(Publisher: Centre for Agricultural Media) and ‘Dairy Doctor, Hori Master’ (Publisher: Bhoomi Books) were released on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, farmer Bengali Venkatesha said, ‘No other profession can give the satisfaction and content that agriculture offers. Appropriate planning and hard work can change the notion that agriculture is not profitable.’ Dr. S. Yathiraj, Dean, Bangalore Veterinary College, released that book which illustrates the sustainable farming efforts of Bengali Venkatesha and his family.  After releasing the book, he said, ‘Leading a content life by taking up agriculture in one and a half acre land is a great achievement.’  

Development journalist Shree Padre released ‘Dairy Doctor, Hori Master’ and appreciated the lively narration of the veterinary world in the book. The book is the trans-creation of certain episodes from James Harriet’s autobiography. Dr. Ganesh M. Neelesara who is the author of both the books spoke on the occasion.

Earlier a refresher workshop was organized for CAM Fellows at the Nanjaiah Hall of the Veterinary College. Senior journalists including Nagesh Hegde, Shree Padre, H.N. Ananda, Ganadhalu Shrikantha and Mallikarjuna Hosapalya were the resource persons at the workshop, which was attended by 20 Fellows. A dialogue with farm-supplement editors of different newspapers was also part of the programme.

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