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Susthira krushige hattaaru haadi – Dr. Ganesh M. Neelesara

(Many ways to sustainable farming)


Susthira krushige hattaru haadi: A booklet describing sustainable agricultural practices of self-reliant farmer Bengali Venkatesha and his family in Bengali village near Sirsi in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka.

CAM Fellow and Veterinary Doctor Dr. Ganesh M. Neelesara has written the book.
Barasahishnu Harakakke Marujeeva – Mallikarjuna Hosapalya

(Rejuvenating drought-proof Kodo millet)


Barasahishnu Harakakke Marujeeva: A booklet describing the agricultural practices of Kodo millet and its role in sustaining farming with reference to a village Gopalanahalli in Tumkur District of Karnataka.

Baravanne manisida mallanna: – Shree Padre

(Mallanna who overcame drought)

An account of drought-proofing techniques practiced and disseminated by farmer scientist Dr. Mallanna Nagaral, Hunagund Taluk in Bagalakote district of Karnataka. These methods are applicable in eight districts of North Karnataka.  Veteran journalist Shree Padre has documented the effort elaborately.

Hainugarikeyinda Svavalambi Baduku – Kishan Rao Kulakarni

(Regaining Self-Reliance through Dairy farming)

Siddappa and Siddavva Balukundi, a farming couple based in Koppal District were once migrators. Now they have taken up dairy and have proved successful. Their cattle rearing practices are model to other farmers. Entire family is involved in agriculture and dairy and are following sustainable methods.

'Hainugarikeyinda Svavalambi Baduku' is eighth in the series by CAM focusing on the sustainable farming practices of small farmers in Karnataka. Writer and teacher Kishan Rao Kulakarni has documented their experiments in dairy and farming. 

Krishi Preeti Belesuva Edward Rebello – Na. Karantha Peraje

Edward and Florina Rebello couple in Karnataka have been leading a self-reliant farming life, which was possible due to their hard work and family’s support. Edward Rebello has a passion for fruit and vegetable varieties and has travelled widely since last two decades. As a result they have formed a unique fruit orchard. A farmer, who has been networking farmers and agriculture enthusiasts throughout the state, is also the ‘information source’ for those who are interested in horticulture.

‘Gidageletanadinda Krishi Preeti Belesuva Edward Rebello’ is CAM’s sixth booklet focussing on the sustainable farming practices of small farmers in Karnataka.  Development journalist Na. Karantha Peraje has shed light on the efforts of Edward Rebello.
Beeja Svatantryada Kalpaneyannu Saakaaragilisida Bhattada Boregoudaru
– Seema G. Prasad
(Realising the concept of Seed Sovereignty )

It is no wonder that Boregouda of Mandya in Karnataka is popular as Bhattada(paddy) Boregouda.  Along with his brother Shankar he has conserved about seventy paddy varieties. An ardent organic farmer he has also set up a paddy museum with a range of paddy varieties and a collection of traditional implements used for paddy cultivation.  Along with paddy they also cultivate sugarcane and other pulses and vegetables.  Seema G. Prasad of Sahaja Samruddha- Savayava Krushikara Balaga has documented Boregouda’s initiatives.

Susthira Krishi – Svavalambi Baduku – K.S. Poornima
(Sustainable farming, self -reliant Life: Karegouda couple’s approach)

Yashoda and Karegouda couple in Kontanamane village in Sakleshpura Taluk, Hasan District have been practicing agriculture in tune with nature's laws. They have realised sustainability in agriculture by following eco-friendly farming practices. They grow what they eat along with commercial crops like coffee, areca, pepper. In the book, CAM Fellow Poornima Theerthamallesh explores the experiences of the couple in attaining self-reliance.
Siridhanya – Anitha Pailoor
(Sustainable farming, self -reliant Life: Karegouda couple’s approach)

Siridhanya is a compilation of study tracing agricultural practices, food habits and indeginous knowledge evolved around millets in Karnataka.
Mishrakrushi-Moulyavardhane-Nera Marukatte – Leela Koujageri
(Mixed Farming, Value addition and Direct Marketing: S.M. Patil’s Model)

CAM Fellow Leela Koujageri has documented the experiences and experiments of farmer S.M. Patil based in Athani, Belgaum district. He pitched into agriculture after his retirement from a government job. The family bought a barren land in the outskirts of Athani and has developed it into a fertile farm. They grow sapota, guava, mango, lemon, sericulture, pulses and grow a variety of vegetables and fruits. While Patil and his son work on the farm, their wives try their expertise in adding value to their produces. The range of the products prepared in the farmhouse include turmeric powder, a range of pickles like lemon and makandi beru, sundried sapota, dry sapota powder, sapota chocolate, jam. Patil has mixed medicinal herbs and prepared kashaya powder, toothpowder, mouthfreshner and also mosquito repellent powder. The list goes on and Patil family makes sure that no produce in their farm is wasted and sells below its value. His is a certified organic farm and they sell 23 value- added products under the banner along with farm produce.
Savayavada Hadi - Iraiah Killedar
(Organic Path)

Farmer -writer Iraiah Killedar in Belgaum narrates his experiments and experiences in non-chemical farming at his one and a half acre farm. CAM feels that showcasing such examples would give strength to thousands of farmers who are facing crisis. CAM is planning to publish a series of books on such sustainable efforts by small farmers.
Kalluhasina mele hasiruhodike - Anandateertha Pyati
(Green cover on a rocky layer)

The book throws light on the efforts of Shekhamma an illiterate farmer woman whose determination along with family’s hardwork changed the fate of the barren land. The family did not wait for any external support. But fortunately she got timely guidance from experienced organic farmers and also the Department of Agriculture.
Guddada melina ekavyakti sainya! - Shree Padre
(One-man army on a hilltop)

The book focuses on successful efforts of Amai Mahalinga Naika in Dakshina Kannada. He is a farm labour and also owns two acres of hilly land. A self-built man he has thoughtfully designed his farm and struggled singlehandedly to get a reliable water source.

All the four farmers documented above are not blessed with good soil or water resources, but have been able to get good crop through their continued efforts.
Hanigoodi Halla  
(Collection of articles)

(Little water drops make a stream) is a compilation of farmer-friendly innovations and useful experiments that are published in farm journal Adike Patrike's column 'Hanigoodi Halla'. Significantly, most of these tips are shared by farmers themselves.
Oota Bharjari, Hotte Khali - Shivaram Pailoor
(Sumptuous Food, Empty Stomach)

Includes articles that review present-day farm journalism. This book written by Shivaram Pailoor could be a good reference for communication students and also practicing journalists.
Jalanemmadiyatta Kakola – Poornaprajna Belur
(Kakola, towards water affluence)

Kakol is a village Haveri district which is the commercial seed belt of Karnataka. In fact excess commercialisation of agriculture dried out all the the water resources in the village a decade back. Chanabasappa Shivappa Kombali, a local farmer led the farmers towards water conservation and succeeded in recharging open-wells in the village. Now village is moving towards water sufficiency. Development journalist Poornaprajna Belur has documented the efforts in the village towards water self-reliance in the book titled - 'Jalanemmadiyatta Kakola'.
‘Savayava Tarasi Tota’ – Anusuya Sharma
(Organic Kitchen Garden)

A guidebook with case studies for those who want to develop kitchen gardens that have a bearing on the health of the family and beauty of the house. (Out of stock)
Nandihalliya Udyamasheela Dampati – Basavaraju H.K. , Ashok T.N.
(Entrepreneur couple of Nandihalli)

The book explains the efforts of farmer couple Neelakanthamurty and Anitha who have made value-addition, a part of their farming priority. (Out of stock)
Information kit on farm and rural journalism - Shivaram Pailoor

CAM had prepared an information kit on farm and rural journalism, as a part of its activities to strengthen self-help journalism in Kannada in 2006. The kit constituted of two volumes. The first part dealt with the basics and history of farm journalism. The second book analysed various articles on related topics published in newspapers and magazines.

The kit, edited by development journalist Shivaram Pailoor was in good demand amongst journalists who wanted to specialise in farm and rural journalism. There were also farmers and beginners who wanted get an idea of the issues concerned to rural development preferred the book.

Those who bought the kit got a one-year subscription of two important farm journals in Kannada, Adike Patrike and Sahaja Saguvali. The kit included sample copies of most of the farm journals in Kannada along with Karshakashree in Malayalam. Cost of the kit - Rs. 1000. Language: Kannada. (Out of stock)
Book Title
Susthira krushige hattaaru haadi 30 - 00
Barasahishnu Harakakke Marujeeva 25 - 00
Baravanne Manisida Mallanna 25 - 00
Hainugarikeyinda Svavalambi Baduku 20 - 00
Krishi Preeti Belesuva Edward Rebello 20 - 00
Bhattada Boregoudaru 20 - 00
Susthira Krishi – Svavalambi Baduku 20 - 00
Siridhanya 75 - 00
Mishrakrushi-Moulyavardhane-Nera Marukatte 20 - 00
Savayavada Hadi 20 - 00
Kalluhasina mele hasiruhodike 15 - 00
Guddada melina ekavyakti sainya! 15 - 00
Hanigoodi Halla 30 - 00
Oota Bharjari, Hotte Khali 50 - 00
Jalanemmadiyatta Kakola 40 - 00
‘Savayava Tarasi Tota’ 30 - 00
Nandihalliya Udyamasheela Dampati 20 - 00
Information kit on farm and rural journalism 1000 - 00
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